AGS Batteries Prices in Pakistan 2019

AGS is the number one battery and most of the people are now used to this one battery. AGS is not only a battery although it is the name or brand. AGS released its new prices in which you are getting fantastic discount. New prices have been mentioned on this page so you can check each battery new price right now. Those who are using this battery, they are strongly satisfy with their product and if you are beginner customer of this battery and just thinning that if you must buy this battery or not then you must try it at least once.

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AGS is the number one battery brand in Pakistan. Now if you are going to purchase new battery then it must be your first priority to buy their battery. Now you can get AGS battery from anywhere in Pakistan. It is now available in each city of Pakistan. Those who still don’t try it, they must use it at least once. One of the major problem was battery price so here is complete detail of their batteries. In these batteries there are almost all kind of batteries including heavy batteries, bike batteries, UPS batteries and the entire other kind of batteries for house use or office use.

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By taking on their price, you will make sure that the price of these batteries is cheaper and more reliable for you. If you want to check their batteries lifetime then you can take help by reading reviews about their product. There is no more need to know anything so let’s go below and take a look on their batteries prices.

AGS heavy batteries prices 2019

Battery Name Plates Detail AH Price in PKRS
GX135 33 210 AH Rs.22,500
N125 27 175 AH Rs.17,500
GL100 25 160 AH Rs.15,500
23 140 AH Rs.12,500
210H52 31 200 AH Rs.21,500
GX200F 27 175 AH Rs.17,500
GL190 23 150 AH Rs.14,500
GX165 21 125 AH Rs. 11,500

AGS Standard Batteries Prices List

Battery Name Plates Detail AH Price in PKRS
245Hs2IF 19 110 AH Rs.9,500
GX200F 17 100 AH Rs.8,500
195G5 15 80 AH Rs.7,500
GX175 13 75 AH Rs.6,500

Buyers will definitely get discount when they will buy any battery. They almost announce special discount on different product so when you will go to buy this product then must concern with seller that what will be the discount on that product which you are going to buy.

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