Air University Fee Structure 2019

Air University all departments’ fee structure is now available here. All new students who are going to take admission in this university, they have to submit first semester fee before enrollment. After submitting their first semester fee they will be able to sit in classroom. Otherwise if they miss that specific date, they will never be able to take admission in this university. They will have only one option that if some seats will be empties then they will be able to take admission but they have to pay extra fee for it in the shape of fine. Here I have mentioned complete fee structure and also other charges which will have to pay in some circumstances like if they will struck off or will join any sport activity or also security fee. First of all we will discuss on fee structure after this you can check other charges at the end of this article.

  • Air University Admission 2019

The Air University is a public research university which is located in Islamabad. This university is under the Pakistan Air Force Management. This university offers several higher study courses including Engineering, Humanities, Business Management, M.Phil and PHD etc. Every year a great number of students get admission in Air University. Each student gets admission on pure merit. Discipline is the best quality of this University management and students also given opportunities to join co-curricular activities. There are many sports tea and students can also join any sport team on their own wish.

Air University Fee Structure

S.No Program Name Credit Hours Tution Fee Total Degree Cost (Estimated) Credit Hours (Estimated) Semester Fee
1. BE Electrical Engineering 139 RS. 4,510 RS. 626,890 19 RS. 85,690
2. BE Mechanical Engineering 141 RS. 4,510 RS. 635,910 18 RS. 81,180
3. BS in Computer Science 133 RS. 3,438 RS. 457,254 16 RS. 55,008
4. Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA-Honors)
142 RS. 3,820 RS. 542,440 18 RS. 68,760
5. Bachelor of Science in English (BS English) 136 RS. 2,500 RS. 3,40,000 18 RS. 45,000
6. Bachelor Studies in Accounting and Finance (BSAF) 136 RS. 3438 RS. 4,67,568 17 RS. 58446
7. Bachelor of Science in Physics 131 Rs. 2813 Rs. 368503 16 Rs. 45008
8. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics 130 Rs. 2813 Rs.3,65,690 16 Rs. 45008
9. MS/M.Phill Linguistics and Literature 30 RS. 3,360 RS. 100,800 12 RS. 40,320
10.  MBA 1-1/2 Year 36 RS. 4,180 RS. 150,480 12 RS. 50,160
11. MBA Executive 2 Years 66 RS. 4200 RS. 277200 15 RS. 63000
12. MS Management Sciences 30 RS. 4,928 RS. 147,840 12 RS. 59,136
13. MS Applied Physics 30 RS. 4,928 RS. 147,840 9 RS. 44,352
14. MS Mathematics 30 RS. 4,928 RS. 147,840 9 RS. 44,352
15. MS Information Security 30 RS. 4,928 RS. 147,840 9 RS. 44,352
16. MS Computer Science 30 RS. 4,928 RS. 147,840 9 RS. 44,352
17. MS Project Management 30 RS. 4400 RS. 132000 12 RS. 52800
MS Engineering Programs
 Electrical /Avionics /Aerospace and Mechanical 24+6 RS. 3,360 RS. 100,800 9 RS. 30,240
PhD Programs
Electrical /Mechanical / Management Sciences/ Literature/ Mathematics and  Physics 18+30 RS. 3,360 RS. 161,280 9 RS. 30,240

Other Charges Detail

You can now apply online for admission in this university but you have to pay extra fee for online admission. Above it you have to submit security fee which will never be refundable. And if you will join any sport team then you have to pay fee for it in each semester which will also be non refundable. And if unfortunately will fail in semester exam then you have to do this paper next year and you have to pay extra fee for it. If you will leave any semester then you can join it again by paying its extra fee. These other charges fee are non refundable. If once you will pay then you can’t get it again as I already said that these fee are un refundable. Here I have mention these fees detail. You can check these other fee detail from below table.

Other Charges
1. Online Admission Charges Rs. 2,000
2. Admission Fee (One Time) Rs. 20,000
3. Security Fee Rs. 10,000
4. Sports Charges (Per Semester) Rs. 1000
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5. Convocation Charges Rs. 5000
6. Re-Admission Fee Rs. 20000
7. Re-Joining Fee for Semester leave Rs. 3000


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