Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost is the second best host providing company in this world. This company was found in 2003. Blueshot continually finding innovate way to improve in this field and to serve their clients with best deals. With my own experience, I recommend it to my friends and visitors. Why I recommend it? Let me explain it in detail. Why is that? What is the reason? These are some general question come into your mind that why I prefer it.

Let’s go to read it in depth.

First of all I would like to tell you a special offer of Bluehost Shared Hosting. Here is OMG discount on it. I hope you will also be amaze like me. Yes just $2.99 per month at the time of your first contract. Now be happy you guys as you will get 55% discount on your first contract.

Shared Hosting

Plan 1 (Basic)

Its original price is $7.99 per month but on discount you will get at the rate of just $2.95 per month. So you are going to save your $181.44 within next three years.

Plan 2 (Plus)

Its original price is $10.99 per month but on discount you will get it at the rate of $5.45 per month. Be happy guys, you are going to save your $199.44 within three years.

Plan 3 (Prime)

Its original price is $14.99 per month but on discount you will get it at the rate of $5.99 per month. Its really amazing because in this deal you will save your $343.44 within three years.

Now I am going to show BlueHost features. After this I will share my views about it and may you will also be able to understand either I am on the right track or not. I hope you will also be happy after reading its features which I am going to mention here.

Basic Features Detail

  • You will get a free domain.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • You can store up to 50GB data that is enough for everyone.
  • You will get unlimited file transfer protocol account.
  • You can get a private domain at $11.88 per year.
  • You can buy extra domain name. its starting price will be $11.99 per year and renewal price will be $15.99 per year.
  • Your web scripts will be install automatically.
  • Custom cron job option is also available for it clients.

Email Review

  • You will get email hosting.
  • You will get five email accounts.
  • You can forward unlimited emails.
  • It also gives you webmail support.
  • Spam will be filtered automatically.

Now we will talk about client support. It is really an important part of your site business. You guys of course publish different kind of information about any particular thing. Like, you are shared Bluehost review on your site. Now it is important to you that you must convey your point in that way that your visitors must understand it easily. If they fail to understand then there must be a way for them to communicate with you and discuss that particular point with you. Of course you clear it to your clients or visitors. Now here we will see how BlueHost support its clients?

User Support

BlueHost is different than other host companies. It found a better solution to its clients. BlueHost made a You Tube channel to deliver video tutorials. Everyone who uses BlueHost services, if any client has any problem then they can solve their problem by watching their You Tube tutorial. You will get all the information on their channel. That is why I like it too much. Now we don’t have to go to live chat on telephone call to solve our problems. Now we can get any kind of help from their You Tube channel.

You guys can search their You Tube channel easily. Just go to You Tube and write BlueHost channel there and you should subscribe it.

Shared Hosting Review

Here is good news for beginners that BlueHost have changed their shared hosting plan. Now this is the time when all of you can start your small business with a cheaper shared hosting plan. As far as I searched, this is the best shared hosting plan ever in my life experience.  Below information explain my views.

BlueHost have changed its plans for its bigenners customers. There are three plans which we discussed already but now I am going to describe these plans in complete detail. Yes these plans are perfect for those who are beginners of this field. All these plans are much cheaper and best shared hosting plans.

Plan 1(Basic)

This one is the basic plan. It starts at $2.95 per month but its renew price will be triple. Its renew price will be $7.99 per month. In this deal you will get a free domain name and 50GB storage plus five email accounts. Email storage will be between 90 and 100MB. You can also buy 25 sub domains in this deal.

Plan 2 (Plus)

This one starts at $5.45 per month but its renew price is $10.99. You will get unlimited websites access, unlimited storage and unlimited email accounts. Email account storage will also be unlimited. Here is a best thing that you will get one spam expert domain. You can buy unlimited sub domains in this plan.

Plan 3 (Prime)

This one is the best plan and I recommend it to my friends visitors. Why I recommend it? You will find the answer of this question in its package.

In this plan you will get unlimited websites access and unlimited storage. Email accounts and its storage will also be unlimited. Unlimited sub domains and two spam expert  domains. This plan will start at $5.45 per month and it’s renew price will be $14.99 per month.

Now I hope that you are agree with me. That is the reason why I recommend it to all of you. This plan is the best one for me. But for you, if this one is not perfect, you can deal with another plan.

Customer Care

BlueHost take much care of their clients. They support their clients properly and their services available 24/7 day. You can contact with their agent any time, any day. I already told you that they uploaded several tutorials on their You Tube channel. If you fail to understand a specific problem through tutorials, then you can contact with their agent.

Their call service is available 24/7. If you want to contact with their agent through telephone line, just enter your PIN code and ask any question that you have in your mind.

You have another option to communicate with their agent. You can make a live call to their agent. It will not take a long time. Their live call service is the best service than many other companies live call service. I hope their agent will receive your call within two to five minutes.

Site Backup

A client check this one service either a company provide site backup or not. If we talk about BlueHost Company, Yes, they provide free basic site backup to their customers but their pro host backup is not free. They will charge extra money for it. Their pro backup price will be something around $35 per year. As far as I search, this price is reliable not much costly.

Payment Policy

The most important thing in a deal is how can you pay? Well you can pay with your credit card or paypal. I always advised my friends that before paying online, you must check that this one is original as you hope or not. Why I am saying it to you? When I started online working, I found many ford guys on internet. I recommend you to visit their original site to buy anything online. This would be good for both you and company.


There are many customers who buy anything from a company but later they become disappointed from it. They want to cancel their deal but the most important thing is that company provides pay-back option or not. Yes, BlueHost provide 30 days pay-back option to its clients. You can cancel your deal anytime and can get your money within 30 days.

During my survey, I went to many web experts and asked some question about best host company. I found it the second most recommended company by the experts.

Here is my personal experience.

In the past a used GoDaddy and HostGator hosting plans but now the situation is change. If the question is about my WordPress Host, I would like to deal with BlueHost. Blue Host provides the best packages and great support to me.

What I am trying to convey?

I am saying that if you guys use WordPree, you must need a hosting service too. And I always recommended that Blue Host is the best web host for WordPress.

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