Government College of Technology Karimabad Karachi Admission 2021

Government College of Technology Karimabad Karachi has started issuing very good shorthand certificate for women. At Government College of Technology Karimabad, women are being given degrees and short courses in various programs. It is a golden opportunity for women who used to sit in their homes and come here easily and can brighten their future. In a country like Pakistan, women’s education is limited or they cannot continue their higher education due to lack of resources. In a country like Pakistan, men are generally compared to women. One of the main reasons is that women lag behind in the quality of education. Free degrees for women are being provided in the name of strengthen thing the female youth through skills. Free training material will be provided to women, free admission will be given, free training will be given and at the same time women will be given free ambassador.

This is a great opportunity for women who do not have the resources to get an education and do not have any higher education to enroll in a good institution. This organization is training women in just six months and it has many benefits. Women can ensure employment in domestic and foreign countries. After gaining such respect, women can easily get work in small films which they can also easily do for their household needs. Admission documents and all related information are given below.

Government College of Technology Karimabad Karachi Admission 2021


These are various technical efforts being made by the Government College of Technology, Karimabad, Karachi. There is no need for a special degree for women. Women should have a matriculation degree with 50% marks

Also two recent photographs of candidate

It is accompanied by two cnic photocopies of the candidate’s father and two photocopies of the student’s cnic. If the candidate do not have cnic, they can send a photocopy of their B form.

No fake degree of any kind will be accepted but action will be taken against it

All documents must be tested and sold. No unnecessary or under-documented documents will be provided

Applying for admission:

You will not find the application form and prospectus for admission in the Registrar’s Office of Government College of Technology Karachi. You can also download the online form and fill it out.

After completing the entry form, you have to send the paid invoice book to the institution. No Entry Test required. These admissions will be given easily keeping in view your requirement.

The deadline for submitting the stain form was March 12. No student admission form will be accepted after March 12. How will the classes start on March 20, 2001?

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