Hajj Information 2022  is available here. Those people who want to perform Hajj so they should take a look at the Information of Hajj. Hajj is the respectable duty for our Muslim. There is all detail of the Hajj Information 2022. Those people who are going to perform Hajj, those should check the Hajj Information at once. We are providing the all kind of detail for Hajj. Everyone should read this Information. Everyone should check the given information about Hajj before going to perform Hajj. This information will help them during perform Hajj. Anyone can check the information of Hajj.

  • Hajj Application Form 2022

People who want to go for hajj in 2022 and want to get complete information about hajj 2022 they are in right place. Here we will give information how to get hajj application form, how to fill, how to submit it and which documents are required. Here you will get information about flight tickets for hajj, their hajj packages and their flight schedule.  Hajj is religious obligation of Muslims and thousands of people go Makkah every year to fulfil their religious obligation. Hajj application is also available in this page. For more about hajj 2022 keep visiting this page.

Hajj 2022 Policy, Dues, Rules & Regulation 

Hajj policy 2022 announced and application form are accepted from February 2022. Under the policy, 10,000 seats would be reserved for senior citizens.  Hajj expenses for the northern zone would be Rs 436,975 and for the southern zone would be Rs 427,975. 60 per cent of the quota would be given to the government and the remaining to private operators.

Required Documents with Hajj application 2022

  • Computerized CNIC (National ID Card)
  • 12 Photographs of 4×3 cm size in light blue background.
  • Machine readable passport which should be valid up to March 10, 2023, or receipt of passport application issued by the immigration and passport office.
  • Women applicants under 45-Years of age will have to mention their Mahram’s name and their relation with him in the application form.

Hujjaj Tracker System 

This year an special tracker system will be provide to each Hujjaj. That will inform the exact location of each pilgrimage. This will controls by Hujjaj monitoring team.