The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest kingdoms in the world now a day. The very rich family called ibn e Aldawood rolling a part of monarch in Saudi Arabia. Every year the KSA need thousands in the number of workers in their country for working and almost all over world came to work here. The economy of Saudi Arabia is very efficient. The Saudi Arabia has oil one of the world largest oil reserved. Now come to final call about that is (How to Claim Insurance after Accident in Saudi Arabia) the question is why someone need to have a insurance. The insurance mean the advance surety of your wealth after you die. Someone who want to be sure with an insurance he or she must be pay certain formalities like regular basis.

If someone wants to claimed insurance in Saudi Arabia first of all take the original letter from the police or other agency officer who are present on the accident. They gave you a original letter. The copy of driving license is compulsory.

If someone foreigner than he must be go their own embassy. Then there claimed they insurance by giving’s their legal and compulsory documents.

The payment will give the candidate after some days or may weeks when the candidate claims the insurance money. There are no so tough to claim in Saudi Arabia. Some private company has insurance plan for civilian of Saudi Arabia and the foreigners. The statistics are different from each other. There are some more rules for foreigners.

In the Saudi Government mostly Muslims and the other people are scared about the insurance and every person think that if they face any problem or if they face the death then how many possibility that the Saudi government gave the insurance of the Muslims and the other Saudi people.

After that the people of the Pakistan who live in the Saudi Arabia and if the people need the insurance and the other amount then the people write the application to the Saudi government.