My School Essay For Class 8

My school is the favorite place of me where I get education. It is not much far from my house i.e it is 1km far from my house. My school always looks clean and peaceful. I daily go to my school and spend almost my six hours in my school. There are several rules of our school and we all follow each rule happily. I like to go to school as my mother teaches me that it is much compulsory for all of us to go to school to get education. School is not only a place although it is always a temple where we learn who to spend our life in society and we make our future bright. We not only learn few books chapters in school although we also learn about discipline, manners, punctuality and many other things and one of the most important thing that is how to pray to God.

Where is the question of my school atmosphere so it is very good all the day. My school is almost green in each part. In the morning cool breeze flow and it flowers gives fantastic smell in the morning. There is a big hall in our school where we sit in free time and there is almost all ground for those students who want to play any game. Our school has cricket, foot ball, and badminton and hockey team. The most interesting thing is that I also the member of cricket team and I am a batsmen of my team. If we can play cricket in ground or we can take rest in big hall but we have to clean it otherwise our headmaster will punish us.

My school provides bus facility to those students who live far from our school. Our day in school start with assemble where we do prayer and then go to our respective class room. Students can get admission from nursery class to matric class. The result of my school is too good. Teachers teach their students honestly and students always give prefer to teacher decisions. In short my school is the best one institute for me where thousands of national students have been produced.

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