Tabeer Scholarship Program KPK 2021 Check Online

Scholarship is for the student self. Scholarship is something that reduces the burden of educating the child on the parents and at the same time the students can be happy and continue their education by enrolling in the institution of their choice. In developing countries like Pakistan, where poverty rate is so high, they can’t complete it because they don’t have that much money left to pay the fees. After household expenses, the student does not have the resources to pay the expensive university fees and complete his or her higher education. Looking at something, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has started the second phase of the scholarship program in 2021.

It is providing scholarships to students in which he wants to get and cannot pay his college and university fees due to his poor financial condition. Which program would be best for him? We will give you complete instructions on how to submit an application and its depth, which you can follow to test the program. This test will be taken from the student just like any normal entrance test in which the student will be asked the best questions. The student will be asked some questions related to some science of mathematics and some related to English grammar. Students who score more than 100 will be admitted to the scholarship program and will not be awarded the scholarship.

Tabeer Scholarship Program KPK 2021

How to send a form:

  • If you also want to take the Merit Scholarship Test, you will definitely need a form which you can download from the website of . You have to download the form of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2021 Merit Scholarship Test and complete it and submit it with them.
  • The deadline to submit your application is April 8, 2021. No extra date has been set, so any student wishing to sell admission to the program must submit an application before April 8.
  • This scholarship will be given to students whose financial situation is not good and who cannot bear the burden of their future education. Scholarships will not be awarded to any student who is financially sound and can carry the burden of their education.
  • This Merit Scholarship is for all Public and Private College University students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • This selection will be based on open merit after the test
  • The total value of the scholarship has been fixed at Rs 4 lakh.

Scholarship programs:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is enrolling in the following courses in Session 2021.

  • BA, bED, BBA BCS, BS, BTech, MBA, VA/ACCA, DPT, DVM, Pharmacy, MBBS, LLB Nursing.
  • Application form available at Noble testing and processing agency

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