10th Class Math guess Paper 2019 avail on this page and you get good marks due to these guess papers and then got admission in good college or university. If you are a student then you should visit this page regularly because we update all latest info on this page. Our guess papers are valid and all boards of Pakistan students get guess papers from here and get good marks. If you are also among those candidates who are going to attempt BISE Board Matric annual exams 2019 as a Science group or an Arts group student and worried about the preparation of your mathematics paper.

  • 10th Class BISE Sahiwal Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE Multan Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE Faisalabad Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE Lahore Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE Sargodha Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE DG Khan Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE Rawalpindi Math Guess Paper 2019
  • 10th Class BISE Gujranwala Math Guess Paper 2019

Guess papers for matric 10th class. Your exams are going to commence from March 2019. This subject is considers as tough comparatively so never get careless about the preparation. Prepare these guess papers for the 10th class also from here and prepare your paper here. There are very few days in commencing the examinations. Just concentrate on your studies and leave all the time wasting tasks so that you can bring good marks in your math paper.

10th Class Math Guess Paper 2019

EX1.1Q2,3 . Ex1.2Q1 .EX1.3Q1TO4,15,16 EX1.4Q1TO6 EX2.1Q1,2,8,10 EX2.2Q3,4,5 EX2.3Q5,6 EX2.7Q1TO5 ex2.8q1to4 ex3.2q8to13 ex3.3q all  ex3.4q2 ex3.6q1 ex4.1q1to5 ex4.3q1to3 ex4.4q1to5 ex5.2q3,4 ex5.3q1,4 ex5.4q1 ex5.5q1,2,3 ex6.2q6,7,8 ex6.3q4,5,6 ex7.3q7to11 ex7.4q all ex7.5q1,2,5,8 ex13.2 q7,8,9  ex13.3q3,4,5,9,10 Â

Theorms of ch9 Or ch12

Maths 10 long Question

  • Chapter 1 Ex1.1 q3(1,4,5,7) Ex1.2 q3,5,6,ex1.3 q3,4,5,ex1.4q1,2,3,4,10,11(examples 1,2 of each exercise)
  • Chapter2 ex2.1q3,5,8,9,ex2.2q3,5(example 1,2),ex2.3q2,5,6(example 3,4),ex2.6q2,3,ex2.7q2,3,5,11,12(example 1,4) ex2.8q1,2,5,9
  • Chapter 3 ex3.1q7,9,ex3.4q1(1,2,5)q2(1,2,5,6,8,9),ex3.5q1,4,6,ex3.6q1(1,2,5,6)q2(1,2) example 2.4
  • Chapter 4 ex4.1q7,8,ex4.2q1,2,3,7,8,ex4.3q1,2,7,8,ex4.4q1,2,5(examples of ch4 only 1st from each exercise)
  • Chapter 5 ex5.2q3,ex5.3q1,3,ex5.4q1,2,ex5.5q1,4,5
  • Chapter 6 ex6.1q5,ex6.2q5,6,8,13(example 1,2,3,4),ex6.3q6,7
  • Chapter 7 ex7.2q4,5,9,10,ex7.3q7,9, ex7.4q11,19,20,18,21,23,8,ex7.5q1,2,3,4,5,6

Theorems ch9-2,3,4.