14 August 1947 Independence Day Speech in Urdu & English

Independence Day speech in Urdu and English is available here. Anyone can get the speech of 14th August 1947 from here. Everyone know about the day of independence. This was the day of golorious when we got our freedom. This country was established by the aim of free people those free people who can serve the nation with great devotion. Free people are those who can sacrifice the last drop of blood at the dignity of Pakistan. Any person can get the 14th August 1947 Independence Day speech in Urdu and English. This speech is providing here for everyone to aware the real words of the speech in our past. Everyone should read the speech should listen the speech of independence. No one can deny the importance of independence among us, so this is an important speech for all of us.

Alhamdulillah! 14 August 1947 is a independent day of Pakistan or we can say that Pakistan appear in 1947 from British raj. In 14 august government and private sector celebrate Independence Day. Mostly persons wear white dress and green combination of matching suit only for the peace of country. Pakistan gainĀ  his independent day one day coming before to Indian Independence. First of all Pakistan have two territories one West Pakistan and second east Pakistan. But unfortunately in 1971 war we lost East Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the lawyer, politician and founder of Pakistan. Jinnah and Iqbal want to have Pakistan ‘two-nation theory’ , Muslims and Hindus have different in not only religion but also in culture, nation theories, festivals and more such activities.

The hindo-pak partition was the one of the greatest migration in history. Millions of millions Muslims leave those areas who occupied by Indian government and migrate east Pakistan and west Pakistan. Several millions refugees arrived Pakistan shortly after it independent. Some millions Muslim cannot reach their destination and massacred. Today Pakistan have more than 22 million (22 crore) population. However if Bangladesh does not untied in 1971 tragedy then we have approx 372 millions manpower.

Muslim want their own country because they knew that the British raj made Hindus more powerful in literacy, in work side. While the other hand British government didn’t given any task or a piece of verb to Muslims. So the Muslim’s leaders realized that strategy the British government wants to make Hindu more powerful than Muslims. They think Muslim want get back their territory from British colonized therefore they try to Muslims back in every argument. Muhammad Ali Jinnah join the Muslim league party and struggle many years for made an own state in which Muslims live freedomly and at last he take the Pakistan from British Raj in 14 august 1947. The only Muslim country in the world that made in the model of Islamic republic of Pakistan while the other hand other all the muslims states made over by the model of their own nation.

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