14 August SMS Collection Free Download

As we all know that 14 August is an Independence Day in our life. No one can miss this day without any celebration. At this day every person becomes full of patriotism. Each Pakistani celebrates this day with full honor and dignity. In the history of world at this day we established our own country at the name of Islam. People send many SMS at this day to own friends, family members. We are giving SMS collection for everyone. Anyone can download free these SMS about the day of 14th August. Everyone should visit here.

The messages collection of the 14th August is available and mentioned on the page and the site. Those people who want to download and copy the message and the whatsapp status and the images they can follow the page and the site.

On the day of the 14th august the Pakistan government declared the special holiday on that day. On the day of the 14th august the solider of the Pakistan exchange the sweets with neighbor countries. On that day the whole country is decorated with the flowers and the lights. The president and the Chief minister of the Pakistan addressed the Pakistani people and they tell all the audience that Pakistan is the great country and how we maintain this country with peace.

14th august 1947 is the independence day of the Pakistan. Pakistan celebrated this day with a lot of happiness and the joy. Every year the Muslims went to the tomb of the Quaid-e-Azam who is the founder of the Pakistan and gave salute to the founder of Pakistan that gave the most beautiful and the peaceful country.

Because the Quaid e Azam is very hardworking men. He works very hard for the Muslims. He had to face many problems but they have only one aim that They want separate homeland.  There were many difficulties in this way but he never considered them a hindrance in the way to progress.

On this day all the Pakistani people exchange message to all of the other. Those people who use the face book and the Whatsapp and the twitter and the instagram and the tiktok that kind of people upload the images and the different videos on the internet and they prove how much they love for the country.

The soliders of the country hang the white color flag on the border and they show all the country that Pakistani is the peaceful country. The white color indicates the peace.

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