1st May Labour Day Speech in Urdu

In the Pakistan the labour is very important in the society because the Pakistan have not too much machinery for the work that’s why only labour works the entire task. On the labour day the government of the Pakistan announced the public vacation for the honor of labour. Labour day or workers day celebrated on  1  May  every year. This is celebrating for workers and labours across the world .More than 80 countries Labour Day is a national holiday include Pakistan. This day make the labour proud that the world and people can think about them after the special recognized Labour Day.

In 19th century during the starting of industrial period the average working time up to 15 hour per day and the rising death of the worker during work forced the working class to raised their voice for the safety.

And finally the workers class gains the ordinance and finally the workers class gain the ordinance to take only eight hours in a day. The Labour Day was started in Chicago on May 4, 1886 known as a Haymarket Affair. This day the workers take a peaceful rally in the strike demanding an eight hour work day. The first Labour Day in Pakistan was celebrated on 1 May 1972. International labour organization this is a part of the United Nations organization works improving and living styles of all workers. 1 May the ILO began rallies and marches across the world to make awareness and make love for labours.

In 2021, it falls on a Saturday, and some business man may choose to follow open the This date all government and non-government organization and factories and educational institute remain closed. Pakistan first labour policy was devised in 1972, and 1 May declared an official holiday. It is also  notable that the  Pakistan  became  a  member  of  the  international  labour organization shortly after its independence in 1947. On this day the Pakistan government announced the allowance to the labour committee for helping their financial support. Most of the country like Hindu country are not doing respect to the labour they treat the labour like their servant. They cannot pay their salary properly.

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