23 March Speech in Urdu Complete

Here is a speech of 23rd March for everyone. Anyone can check the speech of Pakistan Resolution Day in Urdu. If someone wants to know about the speech of this Day he can check our website to read it. Everyone can check this speech in Urdu at the Resolution Day of Pakistan. Anyone can achieve to this speech that is available here in Urdu. Urdu is our national language so it is important for everyone to read this speech in Urdu. This day is much important for every one of us no one can deny the importance of this day.

23 March Speech In English

23rd of March republic day resolution is considered as a one Pakistan constitution and according to this constitution Hindu and Muslim is different communities that is not living together on any single condition so this is the main reason Muslim nation is required one separate country.  Presented at the Minto Park in Lahore, the resolution was signed by all the Founding Fathers of Pakistan and was passed on 23 March during the annual session of Muslim League.On 23rd of March all Pakistani people is celebrated national holiday and Pakistan Armed forces is also celebrated this day with Republic day parade . The Lahore resolution which was presented on 23rd March, 1940 by Muslim League, has an extreme level of importance in the freedom movement of the country.

23rd of March Speech In Urdu

23rd of March is a day is memorable day for Pakistan people so through this page you can get 23 March 1940 Pakistan Day Essay Speech In Urdu so must read it because being a Pakistani you must have information about your country history. in 1940 Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was pass Lahore resolution and according to this resolution Muslim not a minority because Muslim is one nation that is need one separate country. 23rd of March day is also known as Pakistan Resolution day and this day second name is Republic day. So in order to get a more detailed information about various aspects of this important day like history, events, need and annual celebrations, read the following article in Urdu language for easy and better understanding.

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