27 Ramadan Nwafil in Urdu

Every Muslim wait for the Ramadan month as this is the holy month for all of us. Every Muslim wishes to become live in the month of Ramadan. Every Muslim believes that this is the month of in which Allah Bless all of us every second. By the blessing of this month every Muslim feels satisfaction internally. Here we are going to show the way of offer Nawafil at the night of 27th Ramadan. As this is the night in which Muslim awakes whole night to offer prayer in front of Allah. Anyone can read this prayer in urdu.

27th night is the one night of ramazan shareef. Some people asked is layatul qadr on only 27th but no only 27th in the short way we can say that all the odd nights on the last ten days of ramazan called third ashra including 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 and most of scholars or Sahabas says it is on 27th of ramazan. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W said this one night not equal to thousand nights but more. The theory say Angel came down to earth in this night and pray for those who praying for Allah. The glorious Quran also complete in this night.

Prophet S.A.W said one month of calendar is better than other ramazan and one night who better than all of others. Scholars says if someone not take a benefit from this Holy night that mean the person did not take Holiness and the bless. Laila tul qadr is a powerful night for Muslims it is the night in which the Quran was first revealed to the last Prophet S.A.W by Allah. The Muslim pray thin night by tasbeeat and physical pray called nawafil. In every rakat one time sura fatiha one time sura qadr five time sura ikhlas.

Muslims pray to Allah for forgiveness their sins. Some people lighting the house by chiragan (dia) and wish for their long live and prayer also for their dead relatives. Men go to tha masajid to pray and in masjid the professors speak the byaan about ramazan and specially blessing the lay tul qadar. Some women can also join these mehfils. Everywhere is happiness and blessing.

Sahabas ikram take whole night to praying and salat for Allah and asked for forgiveness their and their families. But in these days many Muslims left their prayers and salat. Some hadees about this glorious night

PRAYER  Allahhumma innaka affuwwuntuhibbul afwa fafu anni

Oh Allah you are the one who pardons greatly, and loves to pardon so pardon.

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