A1 English Test Centre & Fees in Pakistan

The fees of the A1 and the B1 and the B2 and the B3 and the C1 for this session are available on the page and the site. Mostly students have the wish that they want to get higher studies in the foreign countries like Germany and the Canada and the UK and the Brazil and the Australia and the America and the Russia and the France and the Qatar and the other countries but all the Europe and the English countries need the IELTS clearance with 6 to 7 points. The government of the Pakistan announced that the students first appear in the IELTS test and then the student apply for the foreign country universities and then the university call for the interview online if the student pass the interview then the foreign university issued the visa for that students and then the students do the study and work both in the foreign country.

The IELTS is the Basic English test for the students who are some expert in the English. The a1 test is the IELTS test and their fee is 29 thousand per subject. Mostly countries want different points of the IELTS test. If we talk about the UK the Uk demands only 6.4 points of the IELTS and the if we discuss the Australia the Australia demand 6.8 points of the IELTS.

After completing the test the students went to the embassy and apply for the foreign universities. The embassy make the total calculation of the fees and the visa fee and the semester fee and the hostel charges and the other charges the students pay all the charges to the Pakistan embassy and the Pakistan embassy contact to that university and they gave the admission for the student and the embassy of the Pakistan pay the fee of the first semester of the graduation and the post graduation. Mostly students do the study in the foreign country only 4 hours and the other time they do the jobs in the hotel and the shops and the other private sectors and got the earning.

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