The Allied bank is the one of the biggest and highly ranked bank in the Pakistan. In the Pakistan the state bank want to do the survey in the public for knowing that which bank is best in all the banks and this bank is provide too much facility. The Allied Bank is the private bank but this private bank always support to its customers and the mostly those customers who open the business account in the Allied bank. The allied bank has many branches in the Pakistan but the most high and the main branch is in the Karachi. Mostly customers are permanent and they do daily transaction from one bank to another bank. That kind of the customers the Allied bank gave some extra facility like their transaction rate is too much low and their transfer rate is too much low and their bank ATMM charges is too low and their Online banking is totally free.

If any persons want to open the bank account in the Allied bank some important documents are required for this like person ID card and the father id card and the person are doing signature in the registration form and at the time of the registration the person deposit some amount like 500 RS to 100000 RS. Mostly person want to open the business account because they run their own business and they do all the work online because all the time the person do not run in the bank for the working and the Allied bank service for the customer is always opening and no holiday in the ATM Machine office and the online baking.

Mostly persons want to get the facility of the message alert because they have the business account and they want to check that how many amount are transfer in their account or the other account. The allied bank is now full focus on the online banking because now the people is too much aware to the online banking they bought the things and the shopping and the other things they pay the money through the credit card and the debit card.