Chief Minister Ujala Program 2021 details are available. Eligible students will be awarded with solar limps which will operate on solar energy. Chief Minister Ujala only facilitates those students who will fulfil eligible criteria. Ujala program is also started to illuminate government schools Program Chief Minister Ujala Program is started with aim to facilitate the poor families to fulfill electricity requirements. Chief Minister Ujala Program is providing to eligible students which is helpful in studies. As we know there is great shortage of electricity in Pakistan. In this situation ujala program is helpful in providing electricity to all over the province Punjab.

The program of the Chief Minister of the Ujala program for the session 2021 has been announced. Those persons who are the student of the ninth and the tenth class and they are the student of the government school that kind of the student are eligible for the Ujala Program.

The government of the Pakistan do more and more work about the education of the student and at the time of the less electricity power and the load shedding and the other issues the students does not focus on the studies because the summer is on the peak and at the time of the night the light is off at their load shedding time and the students and the other persons study the books in the darkness.

The government of the Pakistan tries their best to solve the problem of the electricity but on the other hand the government of the Pakistan announced the scheme of the Ujala it means that the government of the Pakistan gave the solar panels to the students who do not afford the gernator and the UPS and the other facility. The Government of the Pakistan do the survey for the students and after 2 month the result of the survey are displayed at the front of the people that 60 percent of the students do not have the facility of the UPS and the Gernator and the solar panel and the other facility that’s why the government of the Pakistan announced that the solar panels are distributed to the 2000 students.

If any person wants to get the solar panel they download the form and the fill the form. The scheme form consist of the applicant name and the father name and the contact number and the house area and the quantity of the bed room and the quantity of the Bulbs and the Fans and the other things and then the students attached the documents like ID card and the 2 months previous electricity bill and the student registration card of the school and then they submit in the school.