Life in a big city has several advantages and disadvantages. It is too clear that a thing which has any kind of advantage then it will also have disadvantages. Now everyone wants to live in city. City life has its own glamour which attracts people at itself. People living in rural areas are wanted to go top urban areas. It is fact that in city we have several benefits but we don’t forget the blessing of village areas.

First if we are in any big city then it will be quite easy to travel anywhere easily through bus, train or rickshaw etc. In big cities, water will be clean and you will have unlimited clean water which sometime don’t get in village areas. Where people enjoy clean water, there they also through their waste material in dust bean and there is also sewerage system to control waste water. If sometime you will unwell, it will quite simple for you to go to hospital as you will easily find a good one hospital that will located quite near to your house. It is fact that a city is normally a commercial center where you can enjoy all the facilities easily which may will not available in rural areas. The most important thing that attract is that the education system is super and you can easily get education in any good institute.

Where cities have several advantages then cities also have several disadvantages likewise the weather of a big city will not good as compare to village’s areas and it is just because of too much traffic on the roads. As there are no more people educated in our country, so they don’t care if their city is clean or not and they trough their garbage on the road and it will generate several new diseases.  If there will be dirt everywhere, it will become the breeding ground of mosquitoes.

Conclusion in clear that each area has its own importance and we should not think to leave our areas without any reason. People living in cities or villages must be happy with their area and must love their area with their heart.