Dengue Fever Symptoms & Treatment

Dengue Fever Symptoms include high fever with joint pain, tightness of jaws, and pain in muscles, stretching of muscles, serve pain in head or headache, and rash etc. Dengue is caused by female mosquito which carries dengue causing germs. There is no specific treatment is available for treating dengue fever. But real treatment depends patient’s disease condition.  Dengue is caused by positive strand RNA virus which is carried by dengue mosquito. Virus is transferred by blood of host and after entering virus into cell its multiplies. Serve dengue can cause death of patient. Precautions have vital role in treating dengue fever.

The treatment and the medicine name and the symptoms of the Dengue virus are mentioned on the Those patient who want to get the information and the symptoms and the other information about the virus they visit the page and the site and the link because this virus is very harmful for the human beings.

In every year many millions people die. Some die by natural death, some die by accidentally and some die by their sickness. Every year thousands of people die by illness and the most dangerously fever in the world is dengue fever. The dengue fever caused by the bite as female mosquito. The female mosquito laid eggs in victims. When the eggs transport in whole body where as the eggs start their works. The eggs have virus called dengue virus. Be careful the early days after the infected person doesn’t have any symptoms but after some days like 12 to 16 the symptoms appears on body. The victim may include with vomiting, fever, pain in whole body especially in bones.

The dengue mosquito are found on those areas where none the hygiene and none the clean environment. These also lay eggs on the surface of dirty water. Therefore the world health organization told always be clean your porch your garage and the anything where the possibility of water storage. In the world every year thousands of people die by dengue and several millions are defected. Every country takes a serious charge against these type healthy problems. They government are spraying on roads, on streets and especially on dirty places like gutter etc.

If the symptoms are mild or moderate the paracetamol is best for victim. The paracetamol drugs relieve pain and fever in such type’s condition. Some time the fever victim feel dehydrated the victim need drink enough water to reduce their dehydration. The patient must be relaxed. The relaxation for body is compulsory in treatment. At the time of the serious condition the patient is admitted in the hospital. Today the people of Asia and Africa didn’t take care them self and their children. If they care them self and the families a huge difference become the ratio of die.

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