E-Challan System Heavy Fines For Traffic Violations in Pakistan & How to Pay E-Challan

The Pakistan government announced the new technology of the E-challan for the violation of the traffic rules. Those persons who do not follow the rules of the traffic and they make the violation in the road and the service roads that kind of the person have the special punishment from the government of the Pakistan. The government of the Pakistan makes the rule that in the main roads of the big cities like Lahore and the Islamabad and the Karachi and the Faisalabad and the Multan and the Sialkot and the Peshawar and the other big cities have the special camera on the top of the signal tower and the other places. The security camera is paste on the main roads and the bridges and the other small and the other places for the safety of the persons.

If any persons make the violation on the road the camera take their picture and the camera store the picture into the memory and they immediately share to the traffic office. The traffic warden trace that person and that person face the different punishment that are announced and declared by the government of the Pakistan.

Those vehicles that are heavy like truck and the Mazda and the other heavy vehicles make the noise and the pollution and the other violation the camera capture their picture of the number plate of the car and gernate the challan form for the card.

Mostly person who make the violation they receive the message into their number and the message is the challan form of that person and the driver who broke the rule of the traffic. Mostly persons do not know how to pay the bill and the challan form through the electronic Challan system. They just enter the reference number and the slips number in the desired application like Jazz cash and the Easy paisa and the bank account and the online banking and then they pay the challan amount through their bank and the other bank account. This technology is very useful for stopping the violation of the traffic

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