Ghusal Ka Tarika & Friaz in Urdu

Ghusal krany ky liay sb sy phly any hathon ko dho lo. Phr jism ky jis hasy pr gandghy lgy ho us ko dho lo.

Us ky bad wozo krna shroo kr do. sb sy phly hath dho  lo. Hash dhony ky bad nak me teen martaba achi tareeqy sy pani dalana hn. Us ky bad kooli krni hn khyal rkhana hn ky pani achi trh galy tk jy. Teen dfa koli krni hn. Us ky bad munh dhona hn achi trh phr. aur phr bazyon ko kohni tk achy tareeqy sy dhona hn. Us ky bad sir ko anglyon sy is trh dhona hn ky pani achi trh sir ky balon ki jarhon me jy. Us ky bad achi trh paon dohny hn.  Us ky bad teen dfa pani pory jism me achi trh dalana hn. aur phr achi trh jism ko pani sy dho lana hn. aur malomatky liay hamara page ko visit kry.

Ghusal Ka Tarika & Friaz in Urdu complete detail available on this page. If you are a Muslim then you should visit this page regularly because we update all latest info about every thing on this page. Ghusal have great importance in Islam and in this page we are going to share with you complete procedure and all important step of Ghusal.

Ghusal Ka Tarika & Friaz in Urdu

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