Google AdSense in Pakistan Complete Information

Google Ad Sense is a program that is run by Google. Google Ad Sense allows publishers in the Google Network of content serve automatic text, image or video etc. Google Ad Sense is an advertisement for blog owners that they use it for earn handsome money. Here are some important things that we should do before applying Ad Sense on our blog. In this article we will properly advised you that which are these things that you should understand before applying Google Ad Sense on blog. Some blog owners have many questions in their mind. There are some common questions.

They think that how can they apply Google Ad Sense?

Either their Ad Sense valid or not?

Number of Google Ad Sense requirement?

Either Google Ad Sense accepts their application or not?

What would they do if Google Ad Sense rejects their application?

Here are some important points which you should understand before applying Google Ad Sense. These points would help you to earn enough money which you want to. Read all the points carefully and try to understand what we want to say to you.

Quality of Content

First of all you should check the quality of your content. High quality content help you to increase you Ad Sense quality. It is difficult or some time impossible to get Ad Sense approved if your contents have low quality. It is says that in any blog, contents consider the king. If you want to share any information, you should identify that everything that you are publishing is correct and in your article you have covered entire important information. Here is an important thing to understand that you should take care that your content is unique. It also helps you to increase your Ad Sense quality. For this you can also check any plagiarism checker tools to ensure that how much your content is unique? It is clear that Google doesn’t accept duplicate content.

About Us Page

You should create an about us page in which you should show your identity on your blog. It helps you to get Google Ad Sense approval. Here is a question that what is an about us page. The answer is that an about us page shows or describes that who is behind a blog. You should tell about yourself and also describe that what reason behind your particular blog is. It would not be too long as well as too short.

Articles Number

You must have an enough number of articles to apply Google Ad Sense. Now your question will be how much article you must have on your blog. Well as far as we search you must have 20 to 25 articles on your blog and every article must be unique, well content and every article must have 700+ words. Identify that there is nothing duplicate in your post or everything is unique or fresh. What would happen if you do it? Well through this way Google Ad Sense must accept your application because there is nothing on this base Google will reject your application. After this step you will be more able to apply Google Ad Sense on your blog without facing any trouble.

Email ID

It is compulsory in our views that you should show your email id for applying Google Ad Sense. It is fact that some experienced person advice that we should hide our mail but we always recommend our visitors that they should shoe their email. Why we Recommend it? The reason is that it helps readers to reach out to you easily. It also describes you easily that is the most important thing. It also not a weird thing so you need not worry about it.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important thing that enables you to show just only things to your audience which you personally want to show. By using privacy policy you will be able to protect your important things from unauthorized persons. Here is always some content that you don’t want that anyone copy or use it, so that is why we recommend visitors that they should use privacy policy.

Theme and Navigation

You must apply a good looking Theme that will attract your visitors to you. Your must be simple or beautiful. Most of the part of your blog depends on your theme.  Ad Sense always gives importance to navigation. By applying good theme and Navigation you will be able to know if Google reject your application. So here is an important thing that you should take care about your theme and navigation.

Domain Age

You should understand that how old your domain must be? Your domain age must be 6 month old when you apply for Google Ad Sense. Domain age is different in other countries but in our country domain age must be 6 year old. We are advising you this step after our experience. We have experience it. So you should take much care about your domain age before apply for Google Ad Sense.

Domain type

You should always use only root domain before applying for Google Ad Sense. Be caution from using sub domain for applying Google Ad Sense because Google doesn’t accept it.

Traffic Problems

Here are some blog owners who use redirecting technique for handle traffic and to earn good amount but it is harmful for their blog. They think that if they have much traffic on their blog then will be able soon to apply for Google Ad Sense but it has not any importance because there is no use of traffic for applying Google Ad Sense. Google also doesn’t accept it so don’t use it.

Alternative Ad Sense

Some blog owners use alternative Ad Sense that is not good for their blog. There are many other alternative Ad Sense to Google Ad Sense like Ad Network is also an alternative of Google Ad Sense. But it can be harmful for your blog so don’t use it and always use register Ad Sense. So you should disable all other ad-networks before applying for Google Ad Sens.

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