Historical Place Essay for 9th & 10th Class

Historical places reflect the culture and the past history of any country. Historical places consider the beauty of any country. These places provide us knowledge and recreation. We can learn the ritual of any country through its historical places. In each country there must be several historical places likewise there are several places in our country. I saw many from them but one of the best tour was, when we I went to Jahangir Tomb along with my classmates.

It was a great memory when I was in second year and exams were just going to start. We all were known that this is the time when we will go alone and rarely will meet again. That is why we arranged to go to Jahangir’s Tomb. It was very pleasant day. We were thirty in number. We had great food with us. We gathered early in the morning and started our journey to Jahangir’s Tomb. The time we passed in the bus was the most pleasant time. We did much fun in the bus by singing songs and dancing in two team’s competition.  Finally we bought tickets and entered in the Tomb. Jahangir’s Tomb is very splendid building. It was made of white and red marble. The tomb was surrounded by four bid grounds. It was too big that it still reminds us the glory of the Mughals. We walked here and there and saw each aspect of Tomb with much interest. It was showing the mirror of Mughal’s ritual’s and rites. At the end we sat in the ground and take lunch.

Cool breezing was blowing. The sky was filled with clouds. Soon it began to rain. The drain over-flowed. There was water everywhere. We had a hearty bath. The children floated papers boats. It stopped raining after two hours and Sun began shining which fill every dark place with its light. Flowers were spreading their smell everywhere which was making the weather more beautiful. After this we went to Ravi River and enjoy boating there. We were much tired. We got bath in the evening. It was the happiest day of my life because my dearest friends were with me. We all were happy and enjoyed too much. I can never forget those happy moments.

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