The Punjab University is the best university for the private and the regular students. Those students who are passed out from the BA and the B.Com degree that kind of the persons are waiting for the degree and mostly students want to verify their degree and the other procedure. All the procedures and the other Verification and the other attested documents are mentioned. If the persons want to get the degree from the Punjab University they went to the university and then they download the clearance form of the Punjab University and mostly students bought the clearance form in the book shop of the Punjab University.

First the persons fill all the fields of the form and then submit the form to the controller of the examination. The clearance form contains the following instruction like the student name and the father name and the registration number and the roll number and the subject and the session and the discipline and the tick the select discipline like morning and private and evening. Then the persons write the department and the select the class room number and the other instruction.

If any person want to get the degree and the transcript slip from the Punjab university they first signature the libratory and the department assistant. Then the head of the department and the project supervisor and the other teachers signed out the on the form and then the dean of the department also sign on the form and then the student went to the library assistant and then the library assistant do the signature and they paste the stamp on the paper and then the student went to the main Punjab library and then the library assistant do the signature on the form. The Fee department of the Punjab University gave the fee voucher of RS 200 and the 1200 RS. If any student pays the fee then they are eligible for the DMC and the degree.

If any student wants to verify their degree they write the Transcript serial number on the text box of the cell and send the message to the specific code.