How To Increase Website Traffic Free

Web traffic is the amount of data which visitors send or receive to a web site. Traffic shows us that how many visitors visit our site or in other word we can say they this is determined by the number of visitors which they visit on a particular site. Here is a question on all those visitors mind who visit this site to know that how can they improve their web traffic. In this article we introduce all procedure to improve web traffic in detail. You need to read all steps with proper focus but if some of you are beginners of it then may they cannot understand this article in that way which they should understand. But if you have any problem or you are still unable to understand some particular points then you can ask these points by leaving a comment below. We will explain it further in detail. Now read all the given steps and relay that in which way you can improve your web traffic. You will learn in this post that how to get more traffic to your site using simple and easy steps.


Website advertisement is such a good thing to increase your web traffic. Website advertisement uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing message to consumers. Advertisement always attracts visitors to your blog. Before advertise your blog you should checkout your blog. Create what you want or create your brand and then show it with audience. Here are some other roles in advertisement which you can also find in our site. Here we just want to tell you that advertisement will increase your web traffic and you may able to earn your hopping handsome money.


First of all your content should be good and your every post cover all the main points which you want to explain and there will not be any duplicate data. We mean to say that you should create your new different brad and show it among visitors. If you promote your site on social network then you can say that your web traffic will be increase. Here are some best social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These social networks are popular and also promote your content. So the conclusion is that gets social and increases your website traffic.


Headlines are the one of the most important part of your content. Headlines always attract your visitors to your blog. Your headline should describe the most important point that what you want to describe in article. Here are some popular headlines which you should follow.

  1. What the article is about or what you are saying in this article.
  2. Show your value.
  3. Define Educate the masses or give lesson to your visitors.
  4. Write your heading in such a way that visitors become excited to read your complete article.
  5. Embellish your content to attract your visitors to your article.
  6. Always gives a unique title to your article
  7. Try to understand your visitors mind and then gives heading according to your visitors mind.
  8. Be carefully about 5Ws which are Who, What, Where, When, Why.
  9. Always use strong Adjective and also ask Questions in headline.
  10. You can also use an image for your article headline. Your visitors will be impress from it.

On-page SEO

You should pay full attention to On-one page. Here you may think that what On-one page is? Well it is a practice of optimizing individual web pages and it is used to increase website traffic. You should optimize your content for search engines. It is the best way to increase web traffic. You need to describe your views in such an easy way that you visitors understand it easily.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are most important to increase you web traffic. These words may consist of three to four keyword phases which are specific to what you want to sell or whatever you are selling. May any customer uses high specific search phase, here we mean to say they actually want to get a specific thing which they want to buy. Long tail keywords always use to improve any web traffic so you should focus on it if you really want to increase your blog traffic.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is usually used to increase blog traffic. Here guest blogging mean ask some other blog owner to write a post for your blog and you write a post for their blogs. It called guest blogging. Before using guest blogging, identify the other guest owner and rely that they are trustable. You should use guest blogging as it increases blog traffic but also be caution from unauthorized persons or you must deal it with a trustable blog owner.

Comment appearance

Some visitors communicate with you in comments. You must reply their comment as it increases your blog traffic. May there is also many visitors who cannot understand your main points or want to ask some questions by you. If you build a comment section at the end of the article, it will be the path of communication between you and your visitors and also among your visitors and it will be increased your blog traffic.

Social Media

If you think that by sharing some contents on social media is enough to increase web traffic then you are on a wrong path. You need to active on social media after sharing content on it. There is always many viewers leave comment to ask something. You should read all the comments and reply them. It will increase your blog traffic.

Analytics Data

You need to examine your analytics data. After publishing posts on you site you must check that which topic is popular and which topic gives you more traffic. Always pay full attention to analytics your data and always posts that topic which gives you best traffic.


You should include video into your content strategy. Most of the visitors like to watch videos. Its fact that text-based content has much value but with our experience we are saying that video is now much valuable to increase your blog traffic.

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