The date and the time and the other information about the competition of the International Committee of the Red Cross are available in the site and the page. Mostly males and the females is too much expert in the English. They got the positions and the high marks in the subject of the English and that male and the females gave the challenges to the other persons about the easy competition in the English language. We know that the English language is too much wide language but in the Pakistan mostly persons have strongly grip in this language. In the Pakistan the Urdu language is the cultural languages but the people of the Pakistan and they have the grip in the English language that kind of the person want to appear in the international essay writing competition.

The age is not important in this competition. The males and the females participate in this competition and they tried their best to get the prize for the Pakistan. Mostly students and the professors and the teachers and the other age of the persons are appeared in this competition but only one eligibility criteria is that the person have the degree and the result of the latest degree of intermediate and the ,matriculation and the graduation and the masters and the M.PHIL and the other degree level.

If any persons want to get the admission in this competition they apply online and they submit and they scanned the documents to the ICRC office and then they are waiting for the letter of the permission. In this essay writing competition the four judges are appointed to check all the persons essay and then the members decided that which essay is in the first position and the second position and the third position and then the judges gave the prizes into the position holders person and they gave the medal and the certificate for the position in the essay writing competition. In this test the person write the essay only 800 words and the time is only one hour.