Itikaf in Islam and itikaf rules in Islam. Here you will get all information about itikaf and rules of itikaf in Islam. Ramadan is the month of blessing. In this month the Muslim all around the world do fasting for the sake of the Allah Almighty. In this month the Muslims spends most of their time for seeking forgiveness of his sins and get close to Allah Almighty. In the last ten day of this month Muslims set in itikaf in the mosque. During the itkaf the Muslim spend all of his time in praying and seeking forgiveness and blessing of Allah Almighty.

In this world there are too religions according to their tribes and according to their values and ..But according to  muslim community  our religion is Islam ..its the most popular and the most pure religion in  this world. This religion have four main pillars .

Haj  Rooza  Namaz  Zakat

and according to the rooza Its just a one month in which the muslim community do fast and they have to stop eating and drinking and the time duration of a fast is about 15 hour ..and on the 20th day of the ramzan the Muslim community offer itikaf .itikaf is the process in which the person he or she is locked herself or himself in the room in mosque or in some other place away from the family and the person had to stay there for about 7 days 3 days and for 10 days its up to the person for how much time  he wants to do that …There are many rules of the itikaf.

Can’t meet anyone while u are having itikaf. dontdont go outside from the camp. Have to offer the prayers and respect the rules of the itikaf. Itikaf is the one of the most prominent thing ever happen into the religion Islam ..its a  practice in the islam faith …it is a process of the re treat in the mosque …It’s a process its a time for the forgiveness to a man or woman create a bond with allah .The God bless him during this time .. There are several rules :-

the person should not visit the funeral .The person shouldn’t go to a marriage …can’t touch his Wife and can’t do the intercourse. Itikaf is ended at the 10th day and some time at 7th or at the 3rd day .while performing the itikaf the families of the person send him food and aftari and sehri from their homes and When the itikaf ended the families of the person come to the mosque to give the person the information that tomorrow is eid and the moon of the eid sighted ..The families give sweets to the neighborhood bcuz the person of the family done the itikaf.