Khyber medical university is the one of the finest and one of the most highly updated university’s in the Pakistan. In this university there is too much scope for the students who done FSC with the medical and there are too much biological fields who’s department are totally merged with the biological fields…The KMU university is the one of the most reliable and the one of the most emerging university’s in the Pakistan now a days .

Khyber Medical College Admission 2022

The KMU is the name of the university’s in which there is too much students want to do study but there is too much difficult task and the difficult test required for the  admission. The total information regarding to the university test and the admission is mentioned in our website. In our website there is total information about the time date schedule and the process of the admission and about the eligibility criteria of the university’s admission and there is too much students want to be the part of the university and when the admission days are important the university put the ad on the social app and on the news channels on our website. The main task of the university admission portal is that there is too much students who want to get the information about the university admission and some students are far away from the university they can’t come to the university campus for the prospectus and they can search the website where they can see the  result the admission portal the schedule of the papers the test date and time and mentioned into our websites. is the main phase of the information and it is the main phase used for the collective information about the  admission portal and because it Is the medical university that why it is not in the Punjab not in the Sindh it is in the Peshawar that’s why there is low merit of the medical fields in the university .but the study pattern of the university can’t be competitive with the other because this university’s had  best faculty ever and that’s why every man want the admission bin this university.