No human being can live without ambition and desire. Everyone has his own dream and desire. Human just spent his/her whole life to archive its ambition. It is only our ambition which gives us stimulus to work and fact. Having ambition and working on it does not mean to archive it at any cost. Anyhow you just do your best to archive it, if it will difficult; with your effort it will become easy one day.

There are several professions and aims of life such as business, teaching, soldiers, doctors and many others. In the past only few professions were consider best likewise doctor or engineer etc. Everyone wants to become engineer or doctor. But now the situation is change. Now there are several more professions and if you will select your profession and will do hard work on it, you will see that one day you will get it. Here is major problem in our nature that is we just want to become rich at any cost and we just select any profession on this base to become rich which is not good for us.

I don’t know how people think and how they select their ambition? I just have my own opinions which I just going to share with you. First if I want to become a teacher, first I just realize that why people select this profession? To give education to other people or to earn heap of money? Surely people select this profession to earn money but I have several reasons to choose this profession.

First of all teaching is a noble profession. The best people in the world are those who tech others. It does not mean if I will not become a good engineer or doctor but if I will teach others, there will be several who will become good engineers and doctors just because of my teaching and their best effort. I want to serve myself to my country and it will be good one way to serve myself to my beloved country that is I must become a teacher and teach others.

Secondly I am good for this profession as I know how to solve any problem and I can teach other efficiently and honestly. I love books reading and writing my ideas and it will become true only when I will become a teacher.

Thirdly God give me chance to do something better and if I will do just for myself, it will not good and it is not right way, although if I will lead my life to do better for others, my God will happy with me and will give me more than my demand. Shortly I want to become a good man which is only selecting my profession and I hope one day I will become a good one teacher and I will do my best to make my students future bright by doing my best effort. I feel proud to become a teacher.