My Aim In My Life Essay for 8th Class

Everyone has his/her own aim or desire and he/she want to archive his/her life goal in his/her life. Everyone who lives in this world always wants to do something which is called its ambition or aim of his/her life. I also have my own ambition in my life and I want to archive my life goal at any cost and I am doing my best to get my life goal.

If we look around us, we will see that there are several professions in this world. Someone wants to become engineer and someone wants to become doctor. If someone wants to become lawyer then other one want to have his/her own business. However everyone must have his/her own aim in his/her life.

Where is the question of my life goal so I want to become a teacher and I like this profession too much. If I want to become a teacher then it does not mean that I don’t like other professions although each profession has its own importance but there are several points which make my mind that I should be a teacher.

First of all teaching is one of the most respectable professions and everyone must respect his/her teacher. It is the biggest fact that no one is superior to a teacher because a teacher is the person who produces several doctors, engineers or businessman by providing them best education. If a teacher will teach his students in good way then the whole credit of his student achievement will go to his/her teacher.

Now here is another point that is I just want to serve my country which is much possible if I will be a teacher. If I will become a teacher, I will provide free education to the students of mu country. Today, our country literacy rate is too much low so I just want to put my country on the road or progress and it will happen when I will provide education to the students of my country. I hope one day I will be a good teacher and I will teach students on the same way where my teachers teach me.

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