My Hobby Essay For Class 8th

Everybody has hobby. Even no man on this earth can live without any hobby. The word hobby is also considering the interest of any person in anything. Likewise if a person likes to read novels, it will be the hobby of that person. In other words if a person play cricket all the time or he/she just give its too short time to cricket due to other activity, it will also be its hobby. Hobby word refers to interest of a person in anything. People living in this world have different hobbies. Few have weird hobbies like they just want to stay at lonely place or few like to sit in the dark. These are all hobbies of different people.

I realize that my hobby is book reading. I can say it surely as I just read the books in my leisure time. I mostly read histories books whenever I get free time. I have red several histories books including Sultan Mahmat Khan, Muhammad bin Qasim, the past picture of Pakistan and more other books. When I was only eight year old and I was in 4th class, I began start to take interest in history. Sometime my grandfather told me the stories of kings which increase my interest in history. When the passage of time I grow up and my hobby also grow. Now I am the student of eight classes and I have read a large number of histories books.

I now adopted my hobby happily as I have listened from my teachers that we need a good friend in our life and a book can be a good friend of anyone. Books are not only use for passing time, although we can get much knowledge from book reading.  I read history books to know the past picture of this world and I will also take admission in history class after passing intermediate class.

When I was reading the history of Sultan Mehmat Khan, I came to know the bravely of this leader. I read that how he won the war. I got a fantastic moral from his history that is if you have believe on yourself and you want to do something good for other then Allah will help you a lot. Now I am addicted to book reading and I will continue it until my death.

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