The National College of Arts is a public art school which is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was first founded as Mayo school in the year of 1875. It is the oldest school in Pakistan and second oldest school in south Asia. After a long while in the year of 1958, it gained the status of College and few years ago it has started universities study (Post-Graduation Study). It known as NCA or most of people still knows it with Mayo College. A total number of 70 academic staff works for it. It now offers both Under-Graduation and Post-Graduation courses to local and foreign students. It is affiliated with Higher Education Commission and PCATP. 1200 students studies in this college. John Lockwood was the first principal of this college.

  • NCA Mayo College Admission 2019

If you are looking for its fee structure and want to take admission in this college then you can get complete detail on this site. Here I have mentioned complete fee structure of Under-Graduation courses. If you want to get Post-Graduation fee structure then you should visit their official site of college admission office. For now let’s see Under-Graduation fee structure. I have also mentioned fee structure for national and international students. So while checking fee structure should check only that fee structure which is for you. Mean to say that if you are national student then should check only national student’s fee structure. So let’s go below now and check fee structure detail.

NCA Mayo College Fee Structure 2019

For Non-resident students (Regular/Self Finance Students)

Description Fee in PKRS
Admission Fee (for National Students) Rs. 19,500 (only once)
Admission Fee (for International Students) US $ 1,050 (only once)
Tuition Fee (for National Students) Rs. 2,133 (Per Month)
Tuition Fee (for International Students) US $ 11,850 (Per Year)
College Security (Refundable) Rs. 2,650 (only once)
Library Security(Refundable) Rs. 3,900 (only once)
Other Charges Rs. 10,465 (Per Month)
Registration Fee (for National Students) Rs. 9,800 (only once)
Registration Fee (for International Students) US $ 1,050 (only once)

Additional charges for Resident Students (Regular Students)

Description Fee in PKRS
Hostel Charges (At Admission Time) Rs. 9,800 (only once)
Security Charges (Refundable) Rs. 15,500 (only once)
Accommodation Fee (for National Students) Rs. 1,433 (Per Month)
Accommodation Fee (for International Students) US $ 480 (Per Quarter)
Electricity or Gas Charges Rs. 2,650 (Per Month)

Supply of documents (Regular Students)

Description Fee in PKRS
Duplicate Diploma Rs. 8,800 (Per Copy)
Duplicate Degree Rs. 8,800 (Per Copy)
Detail Marks Certificate (each year) Rs. 1,300 (Per Copy)
Admission Application in Record Rs. 700 (Per Copy)
Bonafide Students Certificate Rs. 175 (Per Copy)
Transcript Record Rs. 1,300 (Per Exam)
College ID Card Charges Rs. 250
Duplicate College ID Card Charges Rs. 500
Document Verification Fee Rs. 1,800

For Self Support Non-Resident Students

Description Fee in PKRS
Admission Fee (At the time of admission) Rs. 36,000 (only once)
Tuition Fee Rs. 7,167 (Per Month)
College Security (Refundable) Rs. 6,000 (only once)
Library Security (Refundable) Rs. 3,600 (only once)
Other Charges Rs. 12,408 (Per Month)
Registration Fee RS. 18,000 (only once)

Additional Charges for Resident Students (Self Support/Self Finance)

Description Fee in PKRS
Hostel Admission Fee Rs. 12,000 (only once)
Securities (Refundable) Rs. 24,000 (only once)
Accommodation Fee (for National Students) Rs. 7,267 (Per Month)
Electricity or Gas Charges Rs. 3,600 (Per Month)

NCA Mayo College is an oldest university which have complete admission procedure and all students get admission on merit here.