Phoenix Battery Price List 2022

PHOENIX Battery is the product of 21-Century Engineering Industries Pvt Limited which was established in Pakistan in 2005. You get complete detail about this battery brand online free from this page. These batteries produced for all types of automobiles, UPS, Inverter and Solar Systems. This battery is known as no. 1 battery brand in Pakistan. Phoenix batteries are available in all cities of Pakistan. You get complete price list of this battery only free from here.

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Phoenix Batteries Price List 2022 are available here. Phoenix Batteries Company provide the all kind of batteries use in different devices and things. Phoenix batteries have good position in market and people like to buy these batteries. Phoenix Company provide all kind of latest batteries. The price list of batteries with their size, properties, warranty and which material use all detail is available in this page. In this page you get all information about batteries, get information all company of batteries, which kind or model that produces and their price list of every year. For more detail keep visiting our page.

Phoenix Battery Price List 2022

Battery Type: Amperes: No. of Plates: Price(PKR):
Phoenix XP 45L 30AH 9 3,600/-Rupees.
Phoenix CNG 50 34 09 4,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix CNG 60 44 11 5,200/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 80 60 11 6,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 88L 72 13 6,500/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 100 70 11 7,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 105R 75 13 7,300/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 110R 80 15 8,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 145 105 19 10,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 160R 108 19 11,700/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 185 120 23 13,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 205 145 25 16,300/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 220 160 27 17,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 50 34 9 3,463/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 90 60 11 5,265/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 125 80 15 7,780/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 140 105 17 8,658/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 175 132 21 11,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 215 168 25 16,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 50L 34 9 4,100/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 55L 38 11 4,700/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 65 56 13 5,700/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 70R 50 9 5,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix EXT 125 85 15 8,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix EXT 130 90 17 9,500/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 135 100 17 10,000/-Rupees.

Phoenix battery is manufactured by Century Engineering Industries (Private) Limited and this company established in Pakistan in 2005. These batteries are available in different capacities. Below you can check Phoenix Battery Price list 2022 with complete specifications. Six months of free replacement warranty comes with each battery. Phoenix batteries are available from Phoenix dealers, distributors & shops all around Pakistan at a competitive price.


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