Place of Women in our society is the major topic and many from us don’t want to talk on it. Women consider the weakness of the world. If women do something from outside the house, many say that it’s wrong. Why it happens and what women must do? The problem is that majority of us are uneducated and they don’t know the fact of life. We are talking about presently and now situation is bit change.

Today is the age of equality. Now, there is no difference between man and women. Women are not inferior to men. Women can do anything that a man can do. In fact, man and women are two wheel of a cart. Today, it has been accepted by majority countries that women is an important as man.

If we look many years ago, we will see that at that time women were consider weak point and they did not have permission to go even outside from the house. They only did their household work and they only gave birth to baby and feed and grow them. In battle they kept supply of food to their soldiers and did not do any other activity.

Today, almost all fields are open for deserving women. Now women are playing an important role in our society likewise they are good in teaching, as a doctor and nursing field. A women can be a good teacher and if any women want to become a teacher, doctor, she must adopt this profession and do work on it.

It is women who give birth to baby and the first teacher of any baby is his/her mother. If women will be educated, she will teach her baby in good way and she will know better about her baby. If women will be educated, she can put our country on that way of progress.

Now if we talk about Pakistan, but place of women in Pakistan society is not still very ideal. They have to face much kind of problems in this male and traditional dominated society. First of all, in male dominated society working women have to struggle hard. They face harassment at every step. Secondly, they are paid low-wages as compare with men.

In short if women want to do anything, she must do it but she doesn’t forget her basic activity. She must take care of her home, parents and later on take care of her husband and child. A woman must become a teacher or a doctor or adopt any other profession but she must remember that she is also a women and she’s also responsible of her house and she has to handle her home in good way and yes, it women will be educated, she will handle her home in better way.