Preston Institute of management Science and Technology is a private institute which is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was established in 2001 and is one of the best private institutes which offer almost all programs. Here you will get complete detail of this university so let’s go below and get its detail. This is a famous university of Pakistan which gives all type of facilities to its all students. If you have wish to get admission here then you should apply on time.

  • Preston Institute of Management Science & Technology Fee Structure 2019

Preston Institute of Management and Science offer several courses and here is complete detail of all those programs which are offered by this university so you can get each faculty or department information here on this page. Well for now let’s go below and take a look on this information.

Faculty of Business Administration

  • BBA Information Technology Program
  • BBA Marketing Program
  • BBA Finance Program
  • MBA Information Technology Program
  • MBA Marketing Program
  • MBA Finance Program
  • EMBA Marketing Program
  • EMBA General Management Program
  • EMBA Information Technology Program
  • EMBA E-Commerce Program
  • EMBA Banking & Finance Program
  • EMBA Finance & Accounting Program
  • EMBA Human Resource Management Program
  • EMBA Project Management Program
  • EMBA Health Management Program
  • EMBA Hotel & Tourism Management Program
  • EMBA Environment Management Program
  • EMBA Development Studies Program
  • EMBA Disaster Risk Management Program

Faculty of Computer Science

  • BS Computer Science Program
  • MCS Communication Program
  • MCS Networking Program
  • MCS Database Management Program
  • MCS Multimedia Technologies Program
  • MCS Software Engineering Program

Faculty of Industry & Technology

  • B-Tech Electronics Program
  • B-Tech Electronics Program
  • B-Tech Civil Program
  • B-Tech Mechanical Program
  • B-Tech Chemical (Hons – 4 Years) Biomedical Program
  • B-Tech Petroleum and Gas Program
  • BS Electrical Engineering & Technology
  • BS Mechanical Engineering & Technology
  • BS Civil Engineering & Technology
  • BS Chemical Engineering & Technology
  • BS Electronics Engineering & Technology
  • MS Electrical Engineering & Technology
  • MS Mechanical Engineering & Technology
  • MS Civil Engineering & Technology
  • MS Chemical Engineering & Technology
  • MS Electronics Engineering & Technology

Faculty of Natural & Applied Science

  • BS Mathematics Program
  • BS Electronics Program
  • BS Telecommunication Program
  • BS Biology Program
  • MS Mathematics Program
  • MS Electronics Program
  • MS Telecommunication Program
  • MS Biology Program

Faculty of Education

  • Ed Education Program
  • ED Education Program
  • MA Education Program


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