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Here you will get all information about prize bond schedule in all city of Pakistan. Prize bond are different types or worth. Here you can get prize bond schedule of worth 100, 200, 700, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 and etc.  Here you will get the dates of all prize bond in all city of Pakistan from January 1 to December of 2019 in the given list below. Prize bond is legal method to earn money. It is easy way to rich very fast or overnight. For more updates keep visiting this page.

  • Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2019

Prize Bond is a lucky draw which is announced by the Govt. Every Govt of the world have fixed amount for prize bond. All people of the world have great interest in Prize bond. is only web who give all latest updates about Prize bond result and share with you complete list of every prize bond. Prize bond announced always in every month and all list will be display on Pakistan govt also fix amount for the prize bond and many citizen of Pakistan have great interest in this bond.

Prize Bond Schedule 2019

S. No. Prize Bonds Date Day Held Cities
1 15000 02-01-2019 Wednesday Karachi
2 750 15-01-2019 Tuesday Peshawar
3 25000 01-02-2019 Friday Muzaffarabad
4 7500 01-02-2019 Friday Quetta
5 1500 15-02-2019 Friday Hyderabad
6 100 15-02-2019 Friday Faisalabad
7 40000 01-03-2019 Friday Lahore
8 200 15-03-2019 Friday Multan
9 15000 01-04-2019 Monday Rawalpindi
10 750 15-04-2019 Monday Lahore
11 25000 02-05-2019 Thursday Hyderabad
12 7500 02-05-2019 Thursday Karachi
13 1500 15-05-2019 Wednesday Quetta
14 100 15-05-2019 Wednesday Multan
15 40000 03-06-2019 Monday Faisalabad
16 200 17-06-2019 Monday Muzaffarabad
17 15000 02-07-2019 Tuesday Faisalabad
18 750 15-07-2019 Monday Karachi
19 25000 01-08-2019 Thursday Quetta
20 7500 01-08-2019 Thursday Rawalpindi
21 1500 15-08-2019 Thursday Hyderabad
22 100 15-08-2019 Thursday Peshawar
23 40000 02-09-2019 Monday Multan
24 200 16-09-2019 Monday Lahore
25 15000 01-10-2019 Tuesday Muzaffarabad
26 750 15-10-2019 Tuesday Rawalpindi
27 25000 01-11-2019 Friday Multan
28 7500 01-11-2019 Friday Lahore
29 1500 15-11-2019 Friday Faisalabad
30 100 15-11-2019 Friday Karachi
31 40000 02-12-2019 Monday Hyderabad
32 200 16-12-2019 Monday Peshawar
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)

A prize bond is a lucky or lottery bond. Prize bonds are also offered in Pakistan. Most of the people of Pakistan take more interest to buy prize bond as they think that they would win prize bond due to their luck. Luck is the real game in the way of win prize bond. Every year lots of people win various kind prize bond in Pakistan and make their life prefect through the money that they win through prize bond.

Government of Pakistan take extra money every year for prize bond. Everyone who bought any prize bond must have a wish to win prize bond. But luck is more important and those people who win prize bond, consider a great luck person. Prize bond money has great importance for those who believe on their luck and buy prize bond so that they win prize bond and make their life happy.

Prize bond money consider enough to make any person life perfect. Prize bond money can change any person life style and make him a rich person in society. If you think that your luck is faster than other, you must buy a prize bond and try your luck. If you really have a faster luck than other then you have a golden chance to win prize bond money. Prize bond money is waiting for you. Buy it now in hurry and try your luck.

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