Procedure for Applying for New Iqama for First Time Arrivals

Procedure for Applying for New Iqama for First Time Arrivals is very easy. Iqama is Saudi government certificate for residence in Saudi countries for foreign countries. Iqama is actually resident and work perment.Maximum time given for making new Iqama is almost there months. Desired people can online register themselves for the purpose of new Iqama on Iqama is given for a specific period of time. Some requirement like Iqama form, company documents, biometric status, medical certificate and sponsor insurance etc are necessary to fulfill for Iqama. We warmly welcome yours comments, feedback and suggestions.Keep visiting our site for more information.

 Apply for IQAMA For the  first time arrival

The SAUDI ARABIA is the one of the most progressive and the one of the most greatest power in this world .there are two much people who are there for their job and they are doing the job and the daily work there for the money and there are some policies of the Saudis for living when someone enters into the country he had to follow their instructions for example some of the main policies are Iqama.

IQAMA is the process in which the person requires a simple sponsor of this local employer can ensure that this person is not here for all time this person is here for the job and just to support the family that’s why he does work on the daily wages.

In this way the local person  of the country give the visa and the permissions from the govt to take the people’s from the Pakistan and like other countries and in this visa this is clearly written that no one can stay here for life time and no one can take the job as granted here .when the local resident have the permissions from the gov’t to take the people here in the Saudia then they can come here and they can ask for the job and for the resident they apply on the behalf of their Kafeel

Once the work visa is approved by the gov’t then the person can enter into the Saudia and then work here for 90 days after the 90 days he will go back to the country and then he came here for the proper job . the application and the IQAMA is submitted to the MLSD .

When the person come back from the country to the SAUDI ARABIA then he had to do the same process of IQAMA because he us here for the job and after the IQAMA is approved then he can work till the last date of the IQAMA .that is the whole process for the work and the accommodation and for the food if u have the proper IQAMA and u are in the gulf country then u are a legal person u can work here as a resident.

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