Accidents are common especially in big cities due to heavy traffic. We daily hear about road accidents and we also read about road accidents in newspapers. In some accidents, people lose their life and in many cases they lose material. These accidents mostly occur due to careless of drivers and their negligence of the traffic rules. Majority of us don’t follow the traffic rules and become the reason of an accident. Accidents have become common thing in our country and no one care about it until he/she suffer from it by itself.

Rikshaw drivers are careless and they mostly become the reason of accident. Bike drivers, especially youngsters don’t think about anything when they drive their bike and they become the major reason of heavy accident. Now, there is too much traffic on roads and especially in cities areas where if you will don’t drive carefully, you can face some accident in which you can lose your material and life too.

One day after closing my college, I was coming back to my home from my college. When I reached the small crossing near the Al-Sheikh Sweet, I saw a truck coming from Sadar at high speed. Suddenly a bike driver appeared in the middle of the road. It was coming from Bhar Shah Road. The driver of truck tried to control the truck, but could not. It collides with bike and smashed it into pieces. There were three young boys on bike, two from them killed on the spot and the third one was seriously injured. The injured boy was rushed to the hospital. A crowd has gathered. After this happening, police reached there and arrested the truck driver and went away. On the next day, it was mention in newspaper.

Seriously it was a horror accident and I did not sleep well after seeing this accident. At the end of my essay I just want to mention that thing twice before driving and vehicle and drive it carefully otherwise it can also happen with you.