Mobile phones is modern technology for communication and it also provide helps in education. Now the technology has been developed and smart mobile phones is very common. Students can take online lecture on the mobile phones.  Students can save their notes and books in mobile phone and can study when they want. If anyone face problem in understand some topic he can search on mobile phone browser. Students can understand something on video call or audio call or SMS by his friend and his teacher. Students can take tuitions classes on mobile phones by his teacher.

The education is very important for the student of the graduation and the post graduation and the intermediate and the matriculation and the middle and the primary. Mostly students do not know the importance of the cell phone in the education field. If any student have the cell phone then the person are doing too much things on the internet and the cell phone. They are making the assignments and then they are making the notes and they are searching the topics on the internet and they are browsing the research for the fields and the topics.

Now the era is totally modern the entire person and the student have the cell phone In the Pakistan the mostly universities and the colleges and the school have the policy to gave the assignments of the subjects to the students and then the students are worried they think that how they write all the assignments of the subject. The best thing is that the cell phone and the internet is very good invention for the students.

Mostly students search the topics on the internet and they get all the information and the formula of that topic. In the time of the Cocid-19 the government of the Pakistan declared that the short lock down in the whole country and the government of the Pakistan are closing the schools and the colleges and the universities in this duration. With the help of the cell phones the student are getting the online classes and the giving the quiz and the other projects submission through the cell phone.

Mostly students are absent in the university and the college and the school class but they think that the lesson is very important for the syllabus so they open the cell phone and dial the proper link and the address of the lecture and then they take the class online without any error and the problems. If any students have not the cell phone and they do not afford the cell phone that kind of the students are applying for the scholarship of the prime minster and the chief minister laptop scheme.