Summer vacation is always the happiest moment for students. There is no even a single student in our country that doesn’t enjoy these vacations. Actually students always wait for summer vacations and the wanted to go somewhere with their parents. I also a student so I also enjoy summer vacations. Here is one of the most fantastic things in summer vacation that is I will not have any school work or any home work. In the last summer vacations, I suddenly got a project to write something of village life. For this I have to go to village life as it was the fantastic thing for me.

I discussed about my plan with my father and requested to go to village farmhouse to complete my project. My father agreed with me happily and we made plan to go to village. We just reached there on the next day but I was really amazed after seeing my all cousins there. It was the plan of my father to get together. It was the fantastic gathering with my cousins. Finally when we reached there, we only took rest for one day and the rest of the day we did lots of fun. We got up early in the morning and went to green fields where we played cricket and take bath in the canal. In the evening we made different foods and ate it together.

It was one of the happiest moments for me. I will remember these days. I learned how village’s people get together. They live globally and know each other. We also saw the beauty of village and ate different fruits there including mangoes, oranges etc. Now my vacations have completed and my project is also completed so I can go back to school once again happily. My soul is happiest now.