Here the result of T20 world cup of final match is announced. All types of people who do not have any time to see the match that is like best and they want to know that which team is best and which one got the world cup of this year that kind of people can get this and they also want to get the rating that kind of people can see this.

There are two groups in this session of this World cup and they want to know that which team proves that they are powerful. One is that the same category teams like Pakistan, India, Scotland, Afghanistan and New Zeeland play together and after that when the team categories and the total match of one group is completed then they start the next one and in this time they win the whole matches with good rating points. Some of people who think that when the points are same and they want to choose one then how they can choose the only one of their team.

First is that there is no any chance In this matches and if any person who think that the same points mean that they are both same in this match and they do not play again that kind of person see that in the final round they play and then they team who is best they win and then they won the world cup of this year.

At that time the rating of team Pakistan is too much high and they play two matched with the tough and winner teams of previous year world cup and now they won two matches with good points that is positive response but if we talk about the second category then this is also best for the England team because the points are same of both teams members.

Final match winner

The date of final match is announced and all kind of people who want to see this match and if they think that they want to upload the rating that this team can win this that kind of person are eligible and they can do this with the help of this comment box.