TCS Pakistan International Express Courier & Parcel Delivery Charges

All the charges and the address and the branch lists are available on the page and the site. Those persons who want to transfer any Parcel and the page and the voucher and the any other important and the unique they can transfer the things through the TCS courier service. In the Pakistan the total 126 offices have in the Pakistan of TCS courier. In the past mostly persons transfer the things and sending the important documents through the buses and the trains and they have no any chance to broke any unique things but now in the modern Era the person want to transfer the thing they went to TCS courier center and they write the address where they want to send and on the back side they write their own address because some time the person is not at the home and the office and your parcel is not loss in any place that’s why the TCS company write the complete bio data of the sending and the receiving person.

The charges of the parcel are very minimum. Mostly in the Pakistan the Lahore and the Karachi and the Islamabad and the Faisalabad and the other cities have much used in this TCS courier service.

The TCS Company makes the charges on the base of the weight. If any Parcel has high weight then their price is too much more but if their weight is too much less than the price is too much less. When you want to send the Parcel the desired person went the office and they packed the Parcel and they write the address and the employee of the TCS make the slip to the customers. The slip contains much information like the customer name and the ID card number and the contact number and the destination city and the receiver person name.

The TCS Company makes the online application for the customer. The customer enter their tracking number in the box after the one day of the sending all the receiver’s details are mentioned on

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