Things To Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

Things To Do Before Applying For Google Adsense  all details of this adsense is available on this site and you can get these info free of cost just visit this site and get all data related to the Things To Do Before Applying For Google Adsense . your google adsense will be approve if you have all uploaded data is original and have no copyright . if your channel is reached to the 10000 viewers of the your channel then your adsense will be applied so other requirements also necessary for applying  and these requirements is available on this site.

Hundreds of people have their own websites on interest but they says that they are not able to earn handsome amount which they expect. Well there are several kind information which they miss that’s why they cant earn great money through their sites. Majority of web owners don’t know about Yahoo, Bing Ads Network or that is important for them. Through this information they can get a golden chance to earn great money. Some of them have not got approval from google Adsense and also some of them have disapproved. Well this kind of web owners searching an alternative way to get access on it. Well would be the best way to increase you income. The relation of Yahoo and Bing advertisement is connected to that is the best alternative to Google Adsense. Your earning depends on your site traffic like if you are receiving handsome traffic on your web from search engine. Search engine may be Google or Yahoo etc. Then you may be able to earn great money which you expected through If you are receiving traffic from British countries like UK, Canada then you may earn 6 to 10 Dollars for 1000 impression.

Google Adsense and both are online advertisement companies but there is also a bit difference between them. Google Adsense is known as Pay Per Click ad network and is known as Cost Per Mile ad network. Google Adsense pay you when your blog or website visitors click on ad. pay you on the base of your web impression. But here is an important information for web owners specially newly web owners that Google Adsense is difficult way because its policies consider strict that would be difficut to follow for newborn web owners. Here would be a question that how can you earn handsome money and which way would be realiable for you. Well pays as per 1000 impression. If you are receiving great traffic from british countries like UK, Canada than is prefect for you. You must use it. Well now well will introduce you four other important thing that’s would be amazed for you and help you that how can you get approved from Yahoo and Bing Ads

Design Of Website or Blog

The design of website/blog matters for approving all kind of ad networking companies online.  Some rules that you have to follow. One of them is that the design of your bold must be clear and you website navigation BA must be easy to watch for everyone. Here is a tip that you can also get account with your blog like etc.


Content is everything on your blog that is the major way of your income. Your earning depend on your content. Your content that you uploaded on your blog must be original otherwise in order to duplicate content that is called copy, paste must be harmful for your web. If your web have any duplicate content on it than it is clear that you will never be able to get approved any advertisement company on internet. Well if you think that you have duplicate content on your blog and you really want to remove it than you should visit and enter your URL.

Website Traffic

Traffic is an important thing of your website. If you have great traffic and you are also rely on than you are able to earn great amount. Like this if you are receiving traffic from british countries like Canada UK etc than you will be earn great amount. pays as per impression on you site. So if you must use if your site have great traffic on your site.

Google Page Rank

Well google page rank is an important thing if you are using Google Adsense. On the other hand in you are using than you need not worry because depends on traffic on your site. Suppose you have (0) Google page rank but on the other hand if you have great traffic than your site must be approved. Here is an advice that you must write correct and meaning full content without caring Google page rank.

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