The packages of the Umrah for the session 2022 have been announced. Those passengers who want to travel the Saudi Arabia and they want to perform umrah first they applied for the visa and they go those passengers who did not know anything they can stay touch and close to this and the page. The page and the site provide the facility to that kind of person they can get all the information of the umrah packages and visa detail and travel tickets and other things. The umrah packages is always open and widely in the year because the Saudi government announced that the people of the Pakistan come in the Saudi Arabia at any time for performing the Umrah . But in the Ramzan the crowd is too much in that duration the Saudi Government announced the exact number of people that they come and perform umrah because in many countries the other passengers also went to the Saudi Arabia for performing the umrah.

The Umrah packages contain many parts and many categories. First the person who want to go with the family and they apply for this visa and they only book the ticket of the flight they not booked the residence and the traveling visit that kind of person have separate package. Some people went alone or with the family they apply for the visa and they also hire the residence but the traveling visit is not to hire that kind of passengers  have different package.

Some people have that they hire the entire thing residences food and traveling visit all over the Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government announced the policy that an only 7 and 21 and 28 day’s package is announced by the government. No longer is package available in it. Some passengers live already in the Saudi Arabia they not need any visa and any package they just only hire the hotel and food and performing umrah at any time and visit all over the Saudi Arabia. The luggage details and the hajj details and all the other detail about the umrah is mentioned on this screen.