Village Life Essay For 9th & 10th Class

More than 70 percent of people of Pakistan live in villages and the rest of 30 percent people of Pakistan live either in big city or average town. Today we are in huge problem which is the migration towards cities. We have huge disadvantage of this activity. As people living in villages are coming toward cities so villages are now just going to vanished while cities are getting over-flow. There are several advantages of living in big city but there are also several disadvantage of it. Most of the people live in city area also like to go to village side to take breath in fresh air while villagers want to settle in big cities.

Villages where majority of Pakistani people live are the basic unit of human civilization. Man had laid the foundation of the village, after giving up the life of jungle. More than 50 percent people still live in villages. But if we will go back more than 20 year ago, we will see that more than 80 percent people lived in village area and they were happy at their place. Why people live in village want to go to city area? The reason is clear, because there are more opportunities to earn money in city area and people have more things to do fun in their life while in villages people only do agriculture and they don’t have any other activity to do.

First if we look at city area, if there are several facilities in city area but we must compare it with village if it is good for us to live in village area. First if we look are city area, we will find that we have modern facilities of life like electricity, gas, clean water, tele-communication, transport, well education and more healthy facilities. It was the reason why people come to city area and don’t want to live more in village area.

If we look at village area, we will find that in village we have greenery and healthy environment but there is no any arrangement of education that is students go to several miles far to get education and they don’t have well transport arrangement. It was the situation of few years ago but now the situation is completely change. Students living in villages have more opportunities by the government to get well education. They have electricity, gas and more activities in their own village.

Now we have reached at that point where we can say that it is compulsory for us to keep our cities short and try to live in villages and government must provide villagers all the facilities so that the thinking of going to city doesn’t come into their mind. Rural areas must not urbanize and we must guide people to stay at where they are living.

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