Village Life Essay For Class 5th

Pakistan is the land if villages. Majority of the population of our country lives in villages areas. When Pakistan came into being, there was no any big city. There was only land and people made it villages. Economic of our country base on village land from where the government of Pakistan gets crop, vegetables and fruits etc. People living in villages are clean heart and noble person. They are hardworking people who produce food for other people.

In the past, people living in villages don’t have much sense but for now the situation is totally change. Now several villages are officers in our country. People living in villages are getting high education which also helps them to produce more food and machineries.

People living in village’s areas are healthy people as they eat fresh fruits. They wake up early in the morning and do their work before raising the Sun. Women are also hardworking and they help man in each field. Now Government of Pakistan has provided several facilities to villages. There are Government schools, colleges and universities in village’s areas. Government providing them clean water and sewerage system.

People living in villages areas have wish to go to cities areas as they think that life is easy in big city. The truth is totally changed. In big cities, there are heavy traffic and the environment of big cities is too bad. People living in cities areas are not healthy as they face bad weather due to traffic waste fuel.

The conclusion is clear that villages are the blessing of God. If you are living in villages then you must Thank to God and enjoy the environment of villages. If you are from backward area then you must do hard work to change your area. You must give education to the student of your area by getting education right now.

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