Village Life Essay For Class 8

Village life is pleasant life for those who understand the blessing of village areas. People living together as small group in rural areas are called villagers. In the past, life in village was too difficult as there was nothing to do and people only concentrate on their land and grow corn, vegetables and other food. People did not know the actual meaning of their life. At the time when our country was come into being, there was only village life as there was no any big city. With the passage of time, people of our country put their work on the road of progress and now there are several cities in our country. Majority of our population still live in village but they just want to go to any big city to send their rest of the life in big city.

The current situation of the villages is quite good. People can now get more jobs in fact in villages or besides villages. They are no more superstitious and now they have their own aims. People living in villages enjoy cool and fresh breeze in the early morning. They eat fresh vegetables and fruits. People living in a village know each other as they belong to a single family. People living in villages are clean heart. Now Government has opened several Government schools in villages where students can get education. Government also giving scholarships to those students who are poor or they live in village, that they may get education. People living in villages can now enjoy clean water and sewerage system to waste their material. There are several hospitals in small cities where doctors check those people who live in village.

If living in villages has several blessings then there are few disadvantages that are there is no traffic system. Anyhow there is no any difference between villages and cities. People living in villages can do everything that a person can do easily while living in big city.

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