WordPress is an open source content management system. This app base is usually on two languages namely PHP and MySQL. Users of this app usually use it for create some documents or handle their internet blogs. Earlier this app was useful only for windows like computer or laptop etc but now a days developers of this app have improved its quality. It is fact that this app improving slowly and steadily and its improving are good day by day. Now this is the time when a blogger owner can use this app on android set which is useful for them. Blogger owner can use this app to get free updates for managing their blog.

Follow these steps to access on this app.

  1. Search wordpress in your android app store. Its icon color will be blue with W alphabet.
  2. Download or install this app by clicking on install button.
  3. Open this app after installation.
  4. A license agreement will be appear in it. Accept it and wait.
  5. Now click on Add blog hosted at wordpress.com.
  6. Enter your Account and put your password when if ask you for it and click on sign in option and wait.

After these steps you will be able to manage your blog account on android wordpress app.


Blogger mean blog publishing service that allows multi user blogs with time stamped entries. Google bought this powerful app by Pyra Labs who is the developer of this app. Blogger is similar to WordPress but it’s better than WordPress. Blogger allows users to create new post for their blog and also add pictures in it and set the post using tools. Google updating it continuously for make it better for users. By using this app users will be able to get proper access on their blogs. By using blogger you can quickly publish your post. In other words blogger is the best post publish app.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service. Google offered this service to its users that track and report website traffic. This service started in 2005 by Google to its users. This service is available for everyone absolutely free. This app shows that what is new or important on Google Analytics profile and what the user should use.

These steps will help you to use it. These are as follow.

  1. Visit Google Analytics website where you will have to sign in into your account.
  2. Select Website or Mobile Tracking. You have to select at least one from these two options.
  3. Enter account information where you will put complete account information.
  4. Select data sharing option where you will select that what you want to share.
  5. Create an account. By doing this you will be taken to the admin page and you will be able to find tracking ID for website or mobile app.
  6. Visit Google tag manager website.
  7. Add a container into your account.


Tumblr is a micro blogging service that is now considers the best social media site on Internet. Here is complete list that in which way you can use this app. Tumblr mobile app is now more stripped down version of the website.

Follow these steps to access on thmblr.

  1. Go to thumblr and sign into an account
  2. There will be seven different steps that you have to follow in post
  3. You have to follow people and also have to get your own followers
  4. In this step you have to like and reblog
  5. Have to understand all the messages
  6. Check your account Queuing and drafts

Blog Post

A blog is an informational website published on World Wide Web. Owner of bloggers publish post on their blog. Blog Post is very useful when you want to manage multi blogging platforms with a single app. There is also another benefit of this app that is you can also add another blog account including Youtube or Flicker account etc.

Google Keep

Google keep is a note taking service which was developed by the Google in 2013. Google keep is available on the web and has mobile app for Android. Users use this app on their Android sell. Google keep also works like Evernote and it easy to use and also absolutely app available on web. It enables you to capture pictures, take notes no mean where are, either you are at home or at work or any other place.


Hootsuit is used for managing social media. It also supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube etc. To stay on the top of social networks, everyone now give prefer to use Hootsuite as using it you will be able to send messages to all of your followers on Twitter. HootSuite also allows its users to schedule or share Twitter updates of Facebook status updates from anywhere.


PayPal is an online payment system that was introduced in 1998 by the American company name operating a worldwide. It supports online money transfer procedure. It is now the best way of online business and majority of people now use it. If you are using PayPal app on your smartphone, it would be good for you as you can send money easily when you want to.

Pages Manager

Everyone knows that facebook has become the best online business and several people doing this job and earn enough money through it. Here is an app “ Facebook Pages Manager” that is used to manage your creator pages on facebook. You can use it to manage your Blog Facebook Fan Page. By using this app you can post new updates, photos, videos and other material which you want to. It can also be use to manage multiple pages at a single time. We mean to say that you can manage multiple pages by using it.


Mailchimp is an email marketing service and known as small business. Millions of people in the world use this app. You can send billions mails in a single day by using it. In order to Monitor the growth of your lists, let’s see which subscribes are most engaged to subscribe records. For this here is a thing that no computer required for it.